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How To Take A Good Selfie

We consulted selfie experts (celebrity video bloggers, bloggers and makeup artists) to learn how to take selfies. Read on for twelve tips that will help you take selfie games to the next level.

Angles of camera

If you need advice from Kim Kardashian, here's how: When it comes to selfies, keep your chin and camera up. About 5 people in the world look good when shot from the chin, but we haven't encountered it yet. When taking pictures, hold the phone so that the bottom is flush with your eyes. Or better yet, use a selfie stick. They are ridiculous in every way: because you hold them high, they make everyone look slim and supermodel in the photo.

Show the best intuition

Also, you should probably not stare directly at the camera. Makeup artist Nick Barose said: "Most people don't look like they show the best intuition. Turning slightly to the side-not to say it's a complete character, but just a little bit."

How To Take A Good Selfie

Don't Over-Edit Your Selfie

When we all use it for editing and filtering, don't adjust the selfie to look unnatural. While editing, touch it. It is easy to be taken away. Just touch the area that is obvious to you-the thin lines around your eyes will make you look humane.

If you use a filter, you can also choose not to use its maximum capacity. Not only can you choose a photo filter on Instagram, you can also click on the filter itself (Amaro, Valencia, etc.) until the slider appears. You can then reduce the severity of the filter, which will make the photo less editable.

Shadows is your enemy

Photographer and fashion blogger Candice Lake said: "Nothing is worse than putting a huge shadow on your face." "If in doubt, face the sun directly or stay away from it. If it is noon, and The sun is high and the shadows look like under your eyelids. The prime time to take a picture is at sunrise or sunset, when the light is faint and most beautiful. "

How To Take A Good Selfie

Enjog your selfie

Liberty said, "Just before taking a selfie, say" Yes "in your mind, or" Yes "if it feels particularly harsh. You can also inhale like pressing the shutter to gently separate your lips and relax ... he also suggested that you close your eyes until the moment before the shoot. "It looks best when the expression is fresh."


We should really take advantage of all device and build a cool app you can install to your home screen to record selfie gifs.