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How to use a web camera more safely

1. Comprehensive survey of selected brand manufacturers

Before buying a web camera, buyers can query and investigate the satisfaction and safety of the replacement manufacturer. Product manufacturers are generally considered to be more integrated with the manufacturer in terms of product security design and privacy protection policies.

In the brand video camera, the article marked the clause "Everyone can see your live broadcast on the square", which caused some users to ignore the clause and choose to open "Full Open". "Functionally, video pictures leaked a lot on the Internet.

At the same time, you should pay attention to purchasing through remote channels. Buying a "three-none" home video camera is similar to inviting an attacker into his home when no one is home.

2. Set a higher security password

Changing the password is the only reliable way to protect the camera from remote attacks. Before using the camera, the user must modify the initial username and password. Pay attention to the security of changing the password and avoid changing the password too easily, The frequency of occurrence is too high.

Camera security incident in Mississippi, USA. The attacker hacked into a web camera and used the camera to verbally disturb an 8-year-old girl at home, encouraging racial discrimination and committing violence at home.

How to use a web camera more safely

Later, her mother admitted that she did not set up two-factor authentication for the cameras in her home, which would inevitably reduce password decryption errors and greatly increase the chance of attackers intrusion. Users can flexibly use password characters such as numbers and English according to password setting requirements. Personal information that can be obtained by name, birthday, etc. is not the best choice for password setting.

Also, avoid having the same username and password for different service accounts. The Ring camera was found to have a major case. After investigation, the attackers breached the security system of the camera and even used information obtained from other service software. Username and password information, logged into this private camera.

3. Avoid direct shooting of copyrighted areas

When the camera is installed, users can avoid directly shooting scenes such as private bathrooms, toilets and bedrooms.

You can also block or switch off the camera directly during private events, such as changing clothes. If you install the camera only when there is no one at home to facilitate real-time monitoring, you can turn off the camera when no one is at home and turn on the camera when no one is at home. Family.

How to use a web camera more safely

4. Pay attention to details

Camera intrusion is usually not easy to detect. Some attackers even choose cameras for people with poor ability to observe intrusion behaviors, such as infants and young children.

When using a web camera, pay attention to details.

Check the camera's shooting angle and take pictures regularly. If you notice that the camera ’s shooting angle has changed, it ’s likely that your camera has been remotely calibrated and you need to change your password as soon as possible. The camera has limited memory. When an attacker invades a camera, it often causes problems such as overload caused by camera operation and poor device performance. The problem is that there are many issues that cause performance degradation. When there is a problem with the camera, first check the hardware and signal contact of the device.

Smart camera video capture, cloud storage and other features not only make it easier to check the condition of your house, but also make your personal life a target for criminals.

While enjoying the convenience brought by smart life, we must learn to take responsibility for our lives.

Carefully set the user name and password of each device, read each security agreement, do not change your personal information at will, and do not expose your proprietary behavior to the open environment so that smart products can be used safely and correctly.

Do your best to protect your rights and interests, and enjoy the exquisite life brought by intelligent development in a safe environment.


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