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Make sure you have the right camera for your situation

The hardware cost of IP cameras and web cameras is falling. And the new software is great too (hint: both are easier to set up, configure, and use right away).

But what is the difference between these two types of cameras?

Web Cameras

The web camera is the one you use for Skype, chat, IM chat, etc. They are dedicated to social activities. If you're talking to a friend through a web camera on a computer that's turned on, you might be using a web camera.

Make sure you have the right camera for your situation

IP cameras

On the other hand, IP cameras (or web cameras) are always connected to the Internet. They are usually used for surveillance purposes-babysitter cameras, surveillance, asset protection, whatever you want to call it.

However, as costs decrease, they are used for less predictive purposes. People use them every day to inspect babies, monitor their children and pets, stay in touch with work or focus on valuable property.

IP cameras do not need to start a local computer to run (unlike web cameras). All they need is a wireless network or a wired connection to a router.

Other differences:

  • IP cameras usually have better optical performance, resolution and frame rate.
  • Webcams are usually built into laptops and newer computers (if not, they are usually connected via a USB port).
  • IP cams can be shared among multiple users (located in different physical locations) and multiple IP cams can be monitored from a single console/dashboard.

Make sure you have the right camera for your situation

IP camera advantage

The wireless IP camera can be placed anywhere with a power outlet (if there is no power outlet, there are other options, see below)

IP cameras typically take advantage of wireless connectivity, two-way audio, and Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing you to place cameras anywhere an Ethernet cable passes, which means they don't require a power outlet (this is for some specific applications Procedures are important) (addresses on this blog at other times).

In the past, IP cameras were more complex and required technical setup knowledge. You have to open the port, assign a static IP address, and skip a bunch of configuration rings for everything to work properly for remote viewing.

However, today, there is no need to configure IP cameras for specific router settings. New stylish software and hardware enhancements make IP cameras as easy to install and use as web cameras. This is very important. We will go into detail later.

Consider the difference

So all in all, when you consider the difference between an IP camera and a network camera, you just keep it simple:

Make sure you have the right camera for your situation

IP cameras are suitable for powerful remote surveillance applications, such as watching babies after work or looking after the house on vacation.

Webcams are used for video chat, IM, chat, Skype, Google Talk, etc. (though you can also use IP cameras for all these things). They are not powerful enough because they are truly disposable devices that can be turned off when the computer is turned off.


We should really take advantage of all device and build a cool app you can install to your home screen to record selfie gifs.