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Share Good Quality & Natural-Looking Selfies

The new image service from Facebook called Web Camera Upload allows users to download images captured on Facebook and share them across the web. Although this isn't quite the same as using an integrated web camera on your PC, it's an excellent example of how web apps can make your device smarter. As cameras become more advanced, Web Camera Upload will work with an increasing number of devices to allow you to easily capture photos on multiple devices.

More selfie lenses available now than ever before

More people are using the iPhone to take selfies, which means there are more selfie lenses available now than ever before. While the likes of Sony and HTC make a huge variety of lenses for their smartphone users, there are now an incredible amount of lenses available for iPhones. In addition to fisheye, ultra-wide, and other crazy optics, the smartphone market has also opened up new options like a simulated bike. These fake lenses can be set up to give a smooth bokeh, making it possible to have the best of both worlds, without sacrificing quality.

The fisheye or ultra-wide lens, while great for landscape and portrait photography, is a great choice for high-end lens users. The problem is that this lens isn't available for everyday usage - unless you're on a holiday to somewhere with an abundant supply of wildflowers! However, with the introduction of the selfie lens, smartphone users now have a great option that fits in with their lifestyle and don't cost too much - at least not yet.

Share Good Quality & Natural-Looking Selfies

The selfie lens is a lens that sits above the regular lens on your smartphone and captures light in an irregular manner so that the resulting image isn't the "perfect" picture; instead, it's an interesting-looking photo that you might look at for a while. This gives your subject an interesting focal point, allowing you to see things in the background that you wouldn't otherwise.

With the introduction of Web Camera Upload, smartphones will start offering some of the features you get from DSLRs and camcorders. A Web Camera Upload is an app that puts the camera in a user-friendly place - which will change the way you use your smartphone. While it might not be possible for many people to use a Web Camera Upload on every smartphone they own, there will certainly be a rise in the number of smartphones available with the new feature.

The selfie lens can capture many different angles from a single frame, so you don't need to waste time fiddling with zoom and focus. Just point and shoot, because you'll want to do this a lot of the time - and there's no need to use a dedicated lens anymore!

The web app can capture photos from one or several users, allowing multiple users to connect via WiFi to a single selfie camera and take shots with the same app. Of course, this type of setup won't work on every smartphone - and some will only allow one person to use the app at any given time.

With this new photo service, all of your selfies will be stored and uploaded in a central location, meaning that you don't need to set up a dedicated photo site for sharing all-important selfies. You can use the same apps to upload and store all of your pictures from multiple users - including friends who might not be on Facebook.

Share Good Quality & Natural-Looking Selfies

Share the photos directly between your smartphones

One of the most interesting benefits of this new service is the ability to share the photos directly between your smartphones. Each device will receive the identical capture (if it uses a Web Camera Upload), and you can share the links over Bluetooth or email. By doing this, you can get exactly the same shot over again, and not worry about whether you managed to capture something in the same place and time as your friend.

Since you can connect to your friends via WiFi or a trusted network, you can share a selfie and then enjoy the photos sent by multiple users to your phone. With this app, there's never any fear of duplicating the same photo - it will always look good on the same device.

The technology is very much in its infancy, and there are many apps that will help you take full advantage of it. You can send photos straight to email and share them with friends, or post them on social networks for all to see.

Of course, the ultimate answer is to use the web app on your computer, but until then, these innovative techniques make it easy to take high-quality and natural-looking selfies on the go. by using the social network you already have on your phone.


We should really take advantage of all device and build a cool app you can install to your home screen to record selfie gifs.